A certified true copy is an exact copy of an original document.  It is certified by a notary public as an exact copy after the notary has compared it with the original.  A notary will then stamp the certified true copy to prove this.  Businesses and organizations sometimes sometimes ask to see original documents.  Some of the documents they ask for include marriage certificates, diplomas, and immigration documents.  Using a certified true copy saves you from having to lose the original copy of a valuable document.  It also saves you the cost and time of ordering another copy from the place it was issued.


If you are looking to have a document verified by a notary public, please bring both the original document and the copy.  Our notary publics cannot compare a copy to an original they do not have in hand.  We can also make a black and white copy for you at our office free of charge.  We do not however make colour copies.  Please make sure that a colour copy is not needed.  If you do need a colour copy please let us know before your appointment.

If the document you are looking to certify is an awkward shape or size, please let us know before your appointment.  We cannot copy anything larger than a legal sized paper.  A copy can be certified in two ways.  One way is by putting the seal and verification directly on the document and the other is by attaching a certificate directly to the document that verifies it as a true copy.  We are happy to provide both options to you at no extra cost.

If you would like more information about a true copy from the government of Canada simply click here.


Certified True Copy

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